Saturday, December 6, 2014

N O A H by request

N O A H wow, the first FIBZ I did were 5YR on inception MONTHLY just to see what occurred. Geeze, why didn't u ask my this in 2013 or so, lol. Look how the stock rode the BUy ZONE,formed a Cup N Handle from 12-15-then broke out to 20's- Crazy FIBZ


 Where we are now- DAILY

Strong Uptrend, pullbacks have been profitable if bought- The last couple sessions however have Created OBGs(Open Body Gaps)- which do tend to get filled once a retracement sets in- Huge Volume Increase, no idea what Short Int is.
Net net, a pullback consolidation would be be nice but obviously breaking out- Next Possible slow down, aside from pullback on Monday is 25.05-

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