Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Complete V W A P Analysis YTD

Using Multiple Time Frame VWAP-

Curr Mo. Vwap is 207.01
   *when we sold off - brexit
We were oversold on a Monthly Basis-
Previous Mo. Vwap is 206.4
*That pus 2 Mo Cumm Vwap 206.75ish
We were much oversold on the Brexit event-

Now YTD Vwap is 200.54.
Also YTD at 200.51 is the 38.2%
  Fibanocci Ret from Feb Lowz Up

 So net net we are at par on a 
quaterly basis, but well in Uptrend
on YTD Basis whereas both YTD Vwap
and Fib Trend Supp 38.2% are 200.5
And with that Brexit drop we got extreme
short term oversold-
 ** This is a Chop zone,Be Careful 205-208ish,
Value comes low 200's, and Overbot comes 209-212- But just guide lines, because 
"at Highs,things always look good !"

Hope the math help'd with sum mental 


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