Monday, November 3, 2014

EPS Projections for S

To make it easier to understand , here is the legend of annotations.

REJ TGT = Targets where stock May be Rejected after a measured up. -23.6% 78.6%
BZ = Bounce Zones where a stock may find support and bounce after a Retracement. 50% 61.8% 78.6%
REJ = where a stock may run into Resistance after a move up. Can also be 50% 61.8% 78.6%
TGT BZ = where a stock has made measured a move down and may find support and bounce.

The "1 ,2 3", aside from representing the various Fib Levels can also be thought of as a form of risk management: ie) level "1" is first key Fib level and may be riskier if considering an entry, Level 2 and 3 "May" be less riskier but you also take a chance of missing a trade because it reacted to the level(s) in front of it.

 'S' if wider post eps action

'S'   if tight post eps

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